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Special Events in Washington DC

Annapolis Arts and Crafts Festival
Visit the Annapolis Arts and Crafts Festival to see the latest fashions and art designs. The Annapolis Arts and Crafts Festival is a celebration of modern art and fashion. It takes places during the summer at the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium. It celebrates the works of over 200-juried artists and master artisans. Some of the highlights of the festival include ceramic displays, printmaking demonstrations and jewelry displays. Other highlights include wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, and a clothing market that features the work of some of the region's newest fashion designers.

Alexandria Restaurant Week Festival
Foodies will enjoy attending the Alexandria Restaurant Week Festival. The Alexandria Restaurant Week Festival celebrates the talents of local chefs who use local ingredients to produce amazing dishes. It takes place in restaurants located around the Washington, D.C. area including Old Town and Cameron Station. Be sure to visit the family-run eateries that participate in the Alexandria Restaurant Week Festival to learn how they contribute to the modern American cuisine scene.

Arlington County Fair
Be sure to visit the Arlington County Fair to celebrate the joys of summer. The Arlington County Fair celebrates summer time in America. It takes place at the grounds of the Thomas Jefferson Community Center. It features food booths, carnival rides, animal shows, concerts and art displays. Be sure to visit the craft displays that dot the festival's grounds to view the area's best ceramics, woodwork and leather crafts.

Capital Fringe Festival
The Capital Fringe Festival celebrates classical and modern theater. The Capital Fringe Festival celebrates the contributions of actors, dancers, musicians and poets. It takes place in venues located close to the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Monument and the Pentagon.

Some of the most popular events that happen at the Capital Fringe Festival include concerts, poetry readings, puppet shows and pantomime shows. Other popular events include impromptu theater performances that feature the talents of the region's top actors. Be sure to attend the festival during the afternoon to avoid the crowds that flock to the festival at night.

Capital Cinco de Mayo Festival
Be sure to attend the Capital Cinco de Mayo Festival. The Capital Cinco de Mayo Festival celebrates the contributions made by Hispanics in a fun atmosphere inside the National Mall. It features great food, live music, traditional dancing and a craft show. Children will especially enjoying attending the festival because it features games, food, face painting and carnival games that make being a kid a joy.

Dance DC Festival
Finally, the Dance DC Festival celebrates the contributions of modern dancers. The Dance DC Festival offers patrons a chance to learn about the world's cultures through music and dance. It takes place each year near the U.S. Capital Building and the Eastern Market District. It showcases some of the world's best folk dancers, tap dancers, flamenco dancers and ballet stars. Be sure to attend the twilight performances near the U.S. Capital Building to see why the Dance DC Festival attracts the best dancers from around the world.