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RFK Stadium Hotels

The RFK Stadium, also known as the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, is located east of downtown Washington DC. With construction costs reaching twenty four million dollars, the RFK Stadium finished construction on October 1, 1961. The stadium has been modified and changed since it's construction in 1961. Today it remains the finest ballpark in Washington DC.

All About RFK Stadium

The RFK Stadium in Washington D.C. is a multi-event sports stadium with 56,000 seats, a playing field with natural grass, 27 private boxes/suites, seven entrances, electronic scoreboards, and parking for 10,000 cars and 300 buses. The parking lots open four hours before the events start to give ample time for attendees to comfortably find their seats and get ready for the activity including food from numerous concessions.

Located at the corner of Independence Avenue and 22nd Street, it is home to the Major League soccer team the DC United, and also hosts high school and college athletics, musical concerts, festivals, and other events. It was the scene of the 2003 Women's World Cup, the 1996 Summer Olympic soccer matches, the international soccer's 1994 FIFA World Cup, the 1997 match where DC United got its second consecutive championship, the 2002 MLS All-Star match, and the 1969 and 1962 All-Star games.

This stadium was home in the past to the Washington Redskins football team, the American League's Washington Senators baseball team, and the National League's Washington Nationals since its opening in October of 1961 at the cost of $24 million. It is owned by the government of the District of Columbia and managed by the Washington Convention and Sports Authority.

The stadium was renamed the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in January 1969 to honor the Senator and presidential candidate after his assassination.

U.S. presidents including Richard Nixon and George W. Bush traditionally opened the season with the throwing out of the first ball.

While you are in Washington, DC, take time to visit some of the other popular attractions.

The SMITHSONIAN'S NATIONAL ZOOLOGICAL PARK has 163 acres with over 2,000 animals and approximately 400 species such as the giant pandas, tigers, lions, apes, elephants, and sea lions. The Kid's Farm has goats, cows, donkeys, alpacas and more. Visit the wildlife and gardens for free admission.

The INTERNATIONAL SPY MUSEUM is fascinating with its large collection of espionage artifacts, photographs, visual/audio presentations, tools, and techniques.

The NATIONAL AQUARIUM has over 1,500 specimens of marine animals and an "America's Aquatic Treasures" that highlights the animals and their habitats.

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