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Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) Hotels

Washington Dulles International Airport opened on November 17th, 1962. The airport property covers almost twelve thousand acres of land. Serving over twenty four million people a year, this airport serves eighty seven US destinations and forty international destinations. It is located approximately twenty six miles from Washington DC in Chantilly, Virginia.

What to do When Passing Through Washington Dulles Airport

The District of Columbia, otherwise known as Washington D.C., has two main airports. One of these is the Washington Dulles Airport. Since Washington D.C. is the hub of American government, there are many attractions, hotels, and dining options within a short drive of the airport.

When your visit through Washington Dulles Airport includes time in the city, there are many attractions that are worth visiting. Some of these are included in the museums of the Smithsonian Institution. You can learn about the history of air travel and the American space program at the National Air and Space Museum, then go across the grounds where you can learn about the Indians of the plains in the Museum of American History. Also on the Smithsonian Institution grounds are the American Museum of Natural History and the American Postal Museum, among several others. Another place you should include in your visit is the U.S. Capitol where laws are made, and the White House where the president lives and works. There are also many monuments dedicated to former presidents, such as Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington. No visit to Washington D.C. is complete without a stop at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

If your stop in Washington D.C. is overnight, you will, of course, need a place to stay. There are many options near Washington Dulles Airport, many of which cater especially to the business traveler such as the Hilton, which offers executive suites and an executive lounge. There is also the Country Inn and Suites, the Marriott Dulles Airport, and the Hampton Inn and Suites. Some of these offer fine restaurants where you can dine conveniently to your room.

Other restaurants within a short distance from Washington Dulles Airport include the local dining favorite, Hama Sushi, Harvest of India which specializes in Indian and Pakistani food, Cantina D'Italia which offers Italian food, and Mr. Pepperoni which specializes in pizza.

When your travels bring you through Washington Dulles Airport and the Washington D.C. area, take time to relax and enjoy the things that make America great -- its food, national symbols, and the luxury of its finest hotels.

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